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Alan Threatt, Owner/Trainer

My name is Alan Threatt, owner of Just Fit. My passion for training started when I was 22 years old. At that time, I didn’t have an athletic bone in my body; just a strong will to change my physical appearance. Since then, fitness has been the foundation for my every accomplishment. Until fitness, I was the type of individual that never finished anything I started. Ironically, I meet people every day who are successful in every other aspect of their life except being fit. From those principles, I have been successful at inspiring clients to be the best person they can be in and out of the gym.

Just Fit is a representation of who I am outside of my career: the things I like and the type of people I like to surround myself with. I wanted my business and the look of my company to remind myself of who I am and my purpose in life. I wanted to create a situation that allowed me to treat my customer like I would want to be treated.

Although, exercise is very physical, my strongest attribute is in the field of exercise psychology. With each client, my first objective is to identify what fuels this individual and what principles I need to use to facilitate a more effective, consistent, and mentally resilient client. Therefore, I’m looking for you to be there as scheduled, striving for optimal performance every time and understand that perfection is available to you. It is your responsibility to make the time and work for it! The same principles apply in every aspect of our lives. Why should health and fitness be any different?

Staying in shape is absolutely essential to me for continued growth and success! My training style is complex; mostly because I don’t have an athletic background. So, I don’t tend to lean more toward any one style of training. It’s more of a calculated mix of conventional strength training, plyometric training, athletic performance, boxing and endurance training. I love anything with short explosive bursts of speed and power.

The best question I ever had a client ask me was, “Alan do you think I can do that?” The association with accomplishment will always keep me actively working with clients on the floor. I think that is where the real value lies in my career as a fitness professional. I am a spiritual person and one of my daily prayers is continue strength to provide the highest quality of training services.

Ryan Dona, Personal Trainer

Ryan earned his Bachelor’s from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY where he was a 4-time letter winner in football. Ryan has been certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been actively training athletes and individuals for over 10 years. Ryan has extensive experience working with individuals and athletes alike. Aside from personal and small group training, Ryan has led the instruction of women’s boot camp classes and youth development programs. His past clientele includes professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB, along with, top Division I, II, and III athletes, including a Heisman finalist and Fortune 500 executives. Prior to working at Just Fit, Ryan was a strength and conditioning specialist in charge of high school and pro football combine preparation and speed development for a private sports performance company in New York. He also spent time with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company where he implemented a first of its kind wellness program.

Darnell Jones, Personal Trainer

Darnell attended East Carolina and received Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology. His background is in sports medicine as well as health and wellness promotion. He has worked for five years as ACSM certified personal trainer and as a certified health educator and nutritionist for Total Nutrition Technology (TNT) for three years. He also has experience as a group fitness instructor and metabolic testing specialist and has completed his Polar Target Heart Rate Training certification. Darnell chose to work with Just Fit because of the ability to successfully work with individuals on a personal level concerning their health and fitness goals. There is nothing better than educating and motivating someone to learn and grow into a healthier lifestyle.

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