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After training out of a small, 950 sq. ft. facility for four years yet maintaining clients for over five years, founder and owner of Just Fit, Alan Threatt, realized the business was ready to broaden its horizons. To the average client, fitness is going to become boring and routine at some point—even if he/she has had a significant change in his/her body. So, they asked, “How can Just Fit remove or extend the expiration on their training services? How will Just Fit stop people from moving on to the next and hottest training trend? How can Just Fit continue to recreate the vision with the same clients year after year?”

These thoughts gave way to a new and improved training facility and a new business, or should we say, a reloaded business model. As Just Fit breathes life into a 5500 sq. ft. studio, the thought evolved by Alan, “This has to be larger than most training studios in the area. Using this to our advantage, Just Fit will be the first to offer fitness with a carefully calculated, elegant approach and feel. Certainly, most would agree if something feels good then you’re more likely to stay engaged. A good feeling has a way of holding on to you and demanding a commitment. That’s how the new Just Fit will feel!”

Just Fit wants to continue the experience by adding an endless menu of training services such as:

  • One-on-one personal training
  • Group training – 3-6 people
  • Seasonal Boot Camp Training
  • Athletic Sports Specific Training

Personal training continues to evolve. With such an array of training studios, commercial gyms and other types of fitness centers opening, it’s not enough to create the best programs and have the most skilled, educated trainers. That’s the standard these days. There is no other facility in Charlotte, North Carolina who offers this type of high quality fitness—expert personal trainers in a cutting-edge ambiance that operates by a Ritz Carlton code of ethics with superior consumer service and support.

Just Fit is raising the bar in the health and fitness industry to a new level. The pool of people who pay attention to this type of detail may be small in comparison, but for the ones who care, it will change their life forever!

We want you as a trusted friend and client. We are the best in the industry.

Just Fit…it’s elegant, it’s true, it’s you.

It’s time to get JUST FIT!

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4446 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28209

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