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Personal Training and Personal Trainer 

Do you choose your professional services the way you choose your products? Often times, products are purchased based on price, but what price do you put on good service? Would you leave your color and cut up to an ordinary stylist for the lowest price? In similar fashion, would you trust your physical development to an ordinary trainer for the lowest price? What do you value in selecting your Fitness Professional? Not sure, well here is what you can expect from


• JUST FIT has a proven track record of creating a personal, calculated approach to keeping every client motivated and engaged in an exercise program. During your initial one-on-one training interview your measurements are taken and your fitness goals are defined. A well-crafted workout plan is created for you by a Fitness Professional who will use active engagement during every workout to ensure you are lined up for optimal results.

• The JUST FIT team knows that each client is motivated differently and we strive to identify and focus on your motivators. What’s your motivation?

Are you motivated and encouraged when your trainer shows up for the training sessions on time? JUST FIT’s training staff is always punctual and ready to work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

 Just Fit Charlotte NC - Fitness Studio

Are you motivated when you enter a facility that is always clean and in immaculate condition? JUST FIT’s spacious, professionally designed layout is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment that is always clean and ready for your use.

Conversely, what do you do when the fitness battle challenges you for a week, when work and travel interrupts the plan or life stress starts to build? The accountability to you as a client, the persistence to see you achieve your goals and the overall great experience from a JUST FIT trainer will get you back on track every time.

JUST FIT has created a new standard of quality in the professional fitness industry and we continue to work towards an even higher level of service. We hope you will join us!

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